Registration for the
Strong & Lean after 30 Bootcamp 
opens soon...

Registration for the
Strong & Lean after 30 Bootcamp
opens soon...

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Watch this free 6-part video series & learn more on How to Become Strong & Lean After 30!
Watch this free 6-part video series & learn how to become and stay:

How to Stay Strong & Lean After 30
Introduction to High-frequency Calisthenics
The Benefits of High Frequency Calisthenics 
Benefits and common pitfalls of HFC
Hight-frequency Calisthenics Blueprint
Complete seven-day HFC routine
Setting the Theory Aside… (Testimonials)
What do others say about HFC
Q&A: You Asked - I Answered
Your most common questions
What inspired me to create the
Strong & Lean After 30 Bootcamp
Available Spots:
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Bootcamp duration:
3 Months
Get An Unfair Advantage
The Strong & Lean After 30 Bootcamp is about to start and unfortunately I can only accept a number of people I can be attentive to…

This means that when registration opens, you need to sign up as soon as possible since spots tend to sell out fast (especially when there are already so many people on the waiting list).

Simply said, by subscribing to my early-bird waitlist, you'll get access to the bootcamp before the general public (before I announce it on social media, Youtube, general email list, etc.).

Here's how to make sure you get in:

1) Sign up for the early-bird waitlist below (you can unsub any time you wish)
2) This way, you'll be notified a day earlier before the bootcamp goes live
3) On that day, click on the link that you'll receive and secure your spot immediately!

If you follow the instructions above you should be able to get a spot!

Your Coach
Anthony Arvanitakis
Author of best-selling book "Bodyweight Muscle"
My name is Anthony Arvanitakis and most people know me from my YouTube channel, my best-selling books on Amazon.com, popular podcasts such as the Art of Manliness, or guest blogposts of mine on Websites such as T-Nation and Askmen.com. The last seven years I’ve devoted my life to training people both online and offline using my personal bodyweight-based method to fitness. A minimal approach that aims at building a strong and lean body while also developing a positive mindset and making exercise part of your lifestyle.
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Strong & Lean after 30 Bootcamp 
Registration for my upcoming "Strong & Lean after 30 Bootcamp" is opening soon. 
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