Registration for the
Strong & Lean Over 30 Bootcamp 
ends soon...

Registration for the
Strong & Lean after 30 Bootcamp
opens soon...

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Watch this free 6-part video series & learn more on How to Become Strong & Lean After 30!
Watch this free 6-part video series & learn how to become and stay:

How to Stay Strong & Lean After 30
Introduction to High-frequency Calisthenics
The Benefits of High Frequency Calisthenics 
Benefits and common pitfalls of HFC
Hight-frequency Calisthenics Blueprint
Complete seven-day HFC routine
Setting the Theory Aside… (Testimonials)
What do others say about HFC
Q&A: You Asked - I Answered
Your most common questions
What inspired me to create the
Strong & Lean After 30 Bootcamp
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6 Weeks

Listen to what other people have to say about the bootcamp...

"I'm more fit at 47 then I was at 25"

The Strong and Lean Over 30 Bootcamp has been a great Inspiration.

Knowing Anthony's story of overcoming the challenges he faced after his accident is pure motivation. Gives you a real "No Excuse" mindset. He is a true leader in this battle of mind and body, and in this world of constant distraction, we can really use someone like him. Before I started I was lost in the overwhelming amount of information that's out there. It really became more stressful then helpful.

Anthony has really taken the minimum effective dose to the next level. Just quick, simple and effective. After these 12 weeks I'm more fit at 47 then I was at 25. My mental game is sharp thanks to the tips and tricks that were given. And I've just become an all around better person. I highly recommend this bootcamp and look forward to continuing on this journey with this wonderful tribe of like-minded warriors that we've created. Always there to help on a daily basis. And we owe it all to you, Anthony. 

Thank you my Brother.

Keep on training💪

~ Keith Turnbull, 47 years old

"Couldn't recommend it more!"

I love it - Already a life habit!

Personal review of this bootcamp after 5 weeks of training and 6 week total...

I love it! The fellows who post are great people and Anthony’s a top coach. High frequency early morning training fits me perfectly. Already a life habit. Progressive plans are well built. But the 6th training week has to be a deload one (body & mental want it).

Nutrition is on track (except those days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve). I lost 3 KG since the first day of bootcamp (maybe 4-5 KG more to go). I think I’ve taken on a bit of muscle, especially glutes/legs, but I don’t want to begin with measuring this or that. I’ll see the mirror at the end of February. 

I’m already thinking of « what after this bootcamp ? ». I would be ready again for a kind of a new bootcamp leading to summertime, with a place in the programs to put on a bit of muscle on one’s weak points for example. Anthony Arvanitakis is it something (these kinds of bootcamps) you think keepin’ on going with ?

Thank you Anthony Arvanitakis and all you fellow members!

~ Tris Glas, 54 years old

"The value offered is astronomical!"

"OUTSTANDING leadership!"

I was initially drawn to the workout methods of Anthony Arvanitakis about 5 years ago when I came upon a video he posted on Youtube, I was 54 years old at the time. His outline for getting strong and fit utilizing calisthenics intrigued me as I was searching for a method to maintain and prolong my fitness endeavors as I got older.

Here we are at the end of the 3 Month Bootcamp: “Strong and Lean Over 30 (& beyond)”. All it took was push ups, pull ups, dips and various other calisthenic exercises orchestrated by Anthony Arvanitakis!

The first aspect of this plan which intrigued me was the “high intensity training” which meant working out 6 days per week with one day of rest, the deal was each session should not exceed 30 minutes; I figured this approach should be easy to fit into my schedule. Each week our plan was outlined in advance, providing variations in reps and tempo as we progressed.

The Main Ingredients to my success with this program:

- Anthony Arvanitakis’ OUTSTANDING leadership. The man’s willingness to share the expertise he has is unmatched. However, it is his delivery, coming from a place of confidence and a ‘centered-ness’ that speaks volumes and resonates so well me at this time in my life where I have little tolerance for extraneous ‘flash’ or ‘fluff’. This student has found his teacher.
- The weekly ZOOM meetings which gave us live access to ask questions and hear the questions/ challenges of fellow participants.
- The MightNetworks Platform which created an international community of like minded men who shared the journey, provided support and camaraderie. The impact of this environment on my progress can not be underestimated.
- My willingness to follow the steps, put in the effort and listen to and learn from my body as I reached tangible results in my physique which I had never reached in the past.

Samuel Sanzone, 60 years old

"I lost almost 5% body-fat without losing any muscle mass"

Before i started, i want thank you all guys and Anthony Arvanitakis In the first time in my life of training i saw really results. I lost almost 5% of fat and dont lost any % of muscle. In the begning i dont share my workout here, but to see all of you shared and comment gave me stretrh to go fowrd and dont give up.

I love Anthony training approch, when I trained amost every day i create routine to follow and this maked I dont lost workout. To Write and share do help me too. Besides i found my weakest hiker (alcohol on the weekend) and almost stop to drink. This bootcamp maked all the difference to me.

Ps: Sorry guys about my written english 😂

Ernesto Cavalheiro, 33 years old

"Gained muscle and lost more than 10 lbs!"

Thank you for the inputs, ideas, and positive feedback! Participating in this bootcamp opened my mind towards fitness and healthy life approach. Is not to push yourself to the limit every now and then, instead, add positive habits to your daily activities. I been able to performed workouts consistently for weeks (more than 10 weeks) Andrew train more than 5 days per week.

I'm down more than 10 lb and added some muscles. The bodyweight muscle community is awesome, seen the guys sharing the progress, struggles, and ideas keeps the motivation thought the boot camp.

Keep on training 💪🏻

Jaime, age 32

"I didn't skip a single workout during the whole plan!

Hi Anthony,

I wanted to say thank you for your time and for launching the strong & lean after 30 bootcamp based on your experiences. This program has been a great experience for me and I really enjoyed the training. 

This wasn't just a fitness program, but you also dived into other aspects such as nutrition, sleep, overall health, and habits. Even though I have followed you since 2014-2015 when you were called Homemade Muscle, I am still learning from you with regards to health and fitness. I am impressed with your own personal growth throughout the years and I thank you for always evolving and wanting to help people who want to be healthier/stronger and those that are serious about fitness. 

I didn't skip a single workout during the whole plan, and although I have followed your programs in the past and they were all excellent, this bootcamp really dialed it in to build better habits for myself and I will continue to keep on training (I didn't skip any workouts at all during the whole plan!). I hope this bootcamp evolves into a fitness community that we have spoken about and I will continue to give you my support. 

I look forward to the next phase after this bootcamp finishes!

"I’m not only physically but also mentally stronger!"

I really want to thank you Anthony, you are a lighthouse!! You have been enlightening us in this process, not only in the diet-exercise part, but as a human, speaking for myself, now I’m not only physically but mentally stronger!

Feel so glad to be part of this awesome project with wonderful lads! Been struggling with difficult times, but your guide and the exercises I’ve holding on!! 💪🏼

Tony Gonz, 33 years old

I can honestly say this was a been a fantastic decision...

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Strong & Lean after 30 Bootcamp 
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